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Thursday, July 13, 2006
Thriteen Things You Learn at a Swim Party!
Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things you learn when catering a 14 year old's swim/birthday party!

1. It seems to be "all the rage" to have birthday parties catered with a DJ and 30 of your closest friends. (That is what the mother said anyway.)
2. Kids will drink enough virgin strawberry daiquiri's until they all get sick to their stomach.
3. Kids will also make every attempt to get in on the "adult" beverage that looks green and slimy and is located in the next nearest blender.
4. The DJ will play songs that you feel are highly inappropriate for 6-16 year olds but no matter how many dirty looks you give him, the band plays on.
5. You will realize that you know most of the words to those "highly inappropriate" songs. Reconsider your music selection.
6. You will understand that no matter how many times you tell that bratty mouth kid with the Mohawk that your name is indeed Susan, he still will call you Lauren and think it's funny.
7. You will watch and be amazed as 6 year old girls shimmy across the dance floor, sporting dance moves way beyond their years.
8. It probably isn't the brightest move to tell the owner/mother that she should not administer benadryl to a child that isn't her own without calling the said child's parents first.
9. Being stung by a bee when you are 8 years old is NOT a fun thing.
10. Being asked at 8 years old, to please sit still while we remove the stinger is yet, another NOT fun thing.
11. Constantly looking at your watch does not make time go faster.
12. Being up from 5:45 AM until 12:05 AM makes you one grumpy person the next morning.
13. Watching all of the kids having fun and being kids, is a really fun way to spend a Wednesday evening.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006
Knock, Knock...
Hello? Is anyone there?

My name is Susan and I'd like to be able to play with you again. Is that okay?

Has everyone abandoned me?

I know it's long overdue but I AM BACK!!!

posted by Susan @ 11:02 AM   5 comments
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